Horse Riding
16 Juin 2019 à 12h59 - 1835 clics

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Choosing a horse mount is not something that can be taken quickly and without taking into account the real needs of each rider. When buying a mount, it is necessary to stop and consider certain variables.

Choose your equestrian shop

We do not say that it is something difficult, but we must devote some time to this important purchase for the riders and their horses. We'll give you some keys that you should keep in mind every time you go to buy a saddle, especially if it is your first purchase. We continue with another key point. There are many types of saddles, because there are many different activities you can do with your horse. Each sport or activity, there is a chair specially designed for the most comfortable and most functional for the runner.

Types of horse saddles

Click here for full access to the best website to buy used stool. For long walks and outdoor activities, including livestock grazing, a Spanish horse is a very comfortable and wide seat, perfect to spend hours and hours on the horse. In fact, it looks like a sofa. The western saddle is the one taking the horses of western movies. It is smaller than that of Spanish and with a big eraser. The Australian chair like a cowgirl, although the front bumper is not so big and the seat depth is much greater. Also designed to graze for hours in the Great Plains. But as in Australia, they treat more sheep than cows, they did not need a front bumper powerful. And finally, the English saddle, which is the more traditional one you usually see almost anywhere. Comfortable and versatile, it fits a bit of everything that these calipers are simple and narrow.

Therefore, when choosing a chair, you do not have to think about which one you prefer. But do not forget that this choice will depend on the activity you'll do with your horse.


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