Horse Riding
12 Mars 2016 à 00h00 - 3709 clics

Horses are 10 000 more sensitive than humans !

The horses live in a world of feeling and sensitivity which is much upper to us. They are constantly felt their environment. They have a special talent that we neglect and worse is not part of our riding lessons: empathy. With these qualities, the horse has become in recent decades, therapeutic mediator!

Its therapeutic properties

It can read through human as a person. Extremely sensitive, the horse decodes emotions by the signals we emit through our body language because our body expresses our emotions more clearly than our words. The horse is a sociable being, curious, open and attentive, warm and soft. And he likes to be touched.

The sensitivity of horses

The horses know detect our hormonal and emotional changes. They see very well our negativity, for example. Their presence with us teaches us the strength of a relationship built in the moment.

The sensory world of horses

The 5 senses of the horse are very sharp. In horses, hearing, smell and touch are much more developed than in men. The view is different and the taste is less known.


Between man and horse, the feel is certainly the most important.The tactile sensitivity of the horse varies from body parts and between individuals. Touch is a privileged way to form relationships of affinity. The feel is very important between the rider and horse as these contact areas are the basis of a communication on which riding. Hence the importance of the choice of the saddle.Depending on individuals, the sensitivity will be more or less strong, causing great variability in the response to the aids of the rider.

The relationship with the horse

The horse is here to meet us, to see what is possible, without imposing anything, without trial and without expectation except that of the opening at the time of the attention at the moment. It is an exchange in all sincerity without any second thought. Be nice to him.

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