Horse Riding
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How to ride a horse in France ?

To ride a horse, you have to overcome some rules and play his imagination. On the internet you can find many tutorials, practical advice as well as exchanges of good advice. Here are some tips to help you ride your horse with no difficulty.

The preparation

First, you must prepare your horse. You must place it in position. Ie bring in a plot to mount it and make sure it does not feel cramped. The rise should generally be on the left while a skillful rider can mount a well-trained horse on both sides. You then need to properly control the strap of your horse before mounting. Must actually be snug and loose enough. It is now to adjust the lenght calipers although most riders adjust them once they are mounted in the saddle. You must shoot the stirrup and leather courroire to your torso to have a clear idea of ​​the required length and then lpacer your hand on used french saddles. You still have to maintain your horse before putting up the stud to ride.

Now you have to ride your horse while standing on the side and then adjust the reins before you put your foot in the stirrup, to grab the pommel of the saddle to stretch your up, switch your leg to ride your mount, you slip into the saddle, then finally adjust your chair.

Some useful tips

It is essential to know how to ride both sides according to specialists in order to prevent an unbalanced muscular development. You must also be very careful where you ride a horse during dressage, a keen horse or a stallion. Preveu made sense in your relationship with your horse. If it starts to move, do not hesitate to say "hoo" pulling on the reins. If you are still a novice in the field, you need to get assistance. If your horse refuses insistently to be mounted, you have to break down the steps and then praise him when he stays in place.

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