CWD or Antares ? You'll have to choose !

As a rider, it is sometimes difficult to choose the most suitable saddle his needs and his budget. Indeed, it is quite possible that after many years to be used for example the saddle of the same brand, you might want to try others. Yet after you will be accustomed, you will again be difficult to switch brands for stool. However, if you are still a beginner, you always have a choice. Whether you choose a saddle with CWD or at Antares, you do not have to be disappointed. Indeed, these brands are best known in the world and in any discipline whatsoever for dressage, obstacle for the cross, vaulting, western, riding sidesaddle, polo, circus, hiking, horse ball, the equi fun, hitch, endurance, pony games, the treck and the duck.

Buy a saddle, it's like buying a car

Buying a seat is a decision not to be taken lightly. Apart from its price, it must also consider its manufacturing quality, its manufacturing equipment, the use you want to do and others. If you choose a seat at Antares or at CWD, you can not fall on stool with a very good relation between quality and price. You even have the possibility for you to get used french saddles. Indeed, these brands also sell used saddles to bring you maximum satisfaction.

For a question of budget, then used saddle is a very good alternative. It is likely that a brand of used saddle is better than just average saddle brand new. It is also the ideal seat if you do not know how to break a saddle though in most cases it is possible that the person who has broken the saddle did not know how and whether this a breaking poorly done. In this case, a new saddle is required. The choice is yours and will mainly depend on your tastes and your budget., last news.

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