How to know that will be the horse of your life ??

Having a horse is often a matter of a lifetime. It is not uncommon that a master and his horse are forged an incomparable friendship to each other. Yet some still wonder how to know if the animal will be faithful to him until his death. The horse however is one loyal animals in the category dogs.

The relationship between horse and handler

The link between the animal and its rider is generally very strong. Indeed, it takes a certain level of respect in order to understand the desires of the rider and confidence to participate in a competition with his horse. THE temperament of a horse and his master is often similar. a calm and reassuring character to include some, while others are more reactive and more versatile. As a pet, the horse needs to understand certain disciplines which apply to him. For example, being a horse competition, it must properly perform jumps obstacle or to chain jumps. It is the same for a horse ride, discipline always counts. The rider and horse must build a bond of trust between them.

Mutual love

Love that bears the master vis-à-vis his horse must be unconditional. The animal needs attention every day. Food is essential because in the wild, the horse frequently fed by grazing in the meadow. He needs to experience the same thing better with his master to feel freedom. Similarly, the horse captures the attention by being calm and discipline. This mutual love is palpable in the sense that everyone made sure not to hurt the other. Like several testimonials on the site masters and horses know they'll be made for life at the first sight. It is increasingly common to adopt a horse that belonged to a former master. This may be difficult in the sense that the animal is accustomed to the old, by cons, is a comprehensive animal, it adapts easily., last news.

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