I need a saddle!

When we are looking for a saddle, the first question that comes to mind is how much will it cost? Yet it is a big mistake to think that the new and expensive stool are all of better quality. How do you choose between a new and a used saddle?

Safety with new stools

If they are new stools, this means that the product is in good condition and one can hope for a longer life. There are therefore no fears about the probable defects of these materials. Never used, they will suit perfectly to all. The problem with new stools is that they are extremely expensive and that this price is out of reach of the general public. But for the most demanding, they can afford it without any worry. It is worth knowing that a new saddle is worth 4000 euros and more depending on the prestige of the brand. Moreover, you have to know how to find the right quality because some brands, however large, can market products of lower quality contrary to what one tends to believe. However, one thing is sure is that buying new stools will not be an investment at a loss if one knows choose the best brands.

It is also a matter of budget

Many people are now turning to equitack.com for the purchase of used saddles since they are significantly cheaper on the market. This reasoning is not false. And several testimonies affirm that with stool already ground, one feels much more comfortable on the horse. However, "low-end" used saddles are not recommended at all even if their prices are very attractive. Most of the time, they already have defects that are not always visible. For some the tree is distorted and for others it is the leather that is more resistant. On the other hand, there are no fears for those who have devoted little budget because there are now professionals selling used saddles of major brands.

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