Sale everything you have at the special spring sales at club !

If the covers are ideal for protecting your horse from the weather, the saddle is also essential to ensure your safety and that of your mount. This is why it also is expensive on the market. However, that one has or not a substantial budget for the purchase of equipment of our horse, it is still possible to reduce expenses. Most horse riding club offering such private sales that allow you to make some money or get yourself a used saddles for sale suits your needs and your means. The private sale will allow you both more customer loyalty and reward as thanks to it, you will then quickly sell your power riding materials to obtain new models for example, or simply because you decided moving, or there is a particular product you are interested. There are many reasons that push us to sell our equipment in a private sale. If you find that you have much more to sell and can not carry everything to the club, you can always arrange your own private sale.

How to organize a private sale?

For your private sale is completely successful, it is essential that you respect some points. First, you should know that private sales are not balances ie you can then organize throughout the year. As this is a private sale, you do not have to contact a large number of customers. You can then establish such an example invitation system by indicating the items you want to promote. Your private sale may also take place during the day at home or any place with a good course presentation. Know that you need to attract customers by offering them a unique experience and choosing well the products you wish to sell. If you have time, you can even make a private sale online., last news.

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