Which saddle for which type of use ?

In the world of horsemanship, there are several disciplines. Thus the horse accessories have been adjusted according to these disciplines and in accordance with the level of the rider. You should not choose any saddle because a bad choice can be very dangerous for the rider and the horse at the same time. How to know the correct saddle to use?

Saddle according to rider and horse

While riding on horseback means feeling safe and sitting comfortably on the saddle. For these requirements to be satisfied, the saddle must correspond to the rider's morphology. For larger models, the flat seats are more suitable, whereas for those with a smaller size, the hollow seats are more comfortable. In the same way, it is necessary to place more important cleats on a larger horse. Also, for a racehorse, the quarters are wider compared to a simple horse to train. It is sure that finding a saddle that fits exactly to its measurements is certainly not easy and it surely requires a surplus of budget that is why it is necessary to pay more attention to the fine used saddles to make more economy.

For each discipline, a saddle

The rider must use the appropriate equipment if he wants to race, train for a competition or just ride a horse. For beginners, it is advisable to take the initiation saddles, safer thanks to a good width of the seats and the existence of handle. And if the animal does not yet have the taste of the race, it is necessary to use stools of dressage which will allow the rider and his stallion to acquaint themselves, first between them, and then to the activity properly so called. There are however semi-hollow seats that are reserved for those wishing to work their balance on a horse. They are ideal for a ballad and even for a race. And finally, for the great riders who love competitions, the saddles of obstacles are the most used because they ensure a good balance and a better comfort. The outdoor saddle designed to carry luggage is a surplus created for long journeys.

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