Why CWD is so well known as a brand ?

CWD, the famous saddlery Nontron keeps know a hit with horse lovers. This is one of two winners of the "Aquitains of the Year" in the Dordogne. Luxurious seats are then imposed by Nontron SMEs in all the best French riders, German and also American. The upholstery is even considering to increase its production capacity.

For those accustomed to the equestrian competitions of high level, cwd used saddles actually worth gold. The brand was medalist several times the particular Olympics at the world championships in show jumping.

Unconditional love of horses

The upholstery was taken by Laurent Duray in 2002. The latter is simply a real passion for horses and out of the best Parisian schools with BTS pocket shoe model. He had talent in the manufacture of gaiters, flanges, but also straps and first became the manager before becoming the principal shareholder of CWD.

The company limped along for a long time on the market very atomized niches then moved closer to the tanneries Chammont to Saint-Pardoux-la-Rivière before finally settling in Nontron. Today, more than 3,500 CWD sells saddles per year, one third on American soil.

Laurent Duray knows that this market is very favorable to its products sold between 2500 and 5000 Euros in France, Germany and the United States. There is no worldwide distribution or a dominant brand. The upholstery was then gambled on high technology while seeking the services of bio mechanics, specialists in composite materials, and ergonomics engineers. The world record is currently at the latest pommel with a total of 90 composite parts assemblies.

Currently a graduate of Compiegne University of Technology is about to complete a thesis in connection with the Veterinary School of Alfort House in order to have more knowledge about the impact of stress during a show jumping on each of the vertebrae of the horse. What is actually understandable vis-à-vis the high competition of interest for the brand that has recently invested in a Moroccan subcontractor who is also a luxury artisan.

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