Our tips to clean your saddle

The saddle is an accessory that deserves a good attention, and that is why it is very useful to move on to clean it. When the leather saddles leave the saddlery shop, they are oiled, and by the hollow of use, it stores dirty and requires cleaning.

Leather cleaning products

The products to errand for the maintenance of its saddlery riding, so that your riding upholstery lasts as long as possible, it is advisable to carry out its cleaning with very specific products.

Glycerine soap or shampoo is highly recommended because the glycerine it contains combines the qualities of emollient, moisturizing and moisturizing agents. A leather cream that nourishes and softens this specific material. It is also necessary to provide soft accessories to perform a perfect cleaning, without damaging the leather. A large silk bristle cleaning brush helps you to thoroughly wash the used saddles by just impregnating it with the right amount of product. Its natural bristles leave no mark on the leather and thoroughly remove dust or all deposits during an outing. A chamosite ensures the cleaning and maintenance of your riding tack. You can use it to wipe away the dust and penetrate the moisturizer.

First step of cleaning

To perform the ideal cleaning, you must bring a natural hair brush and leather soap. Rub your saddle gently, using circular motions, without lathering the product. Do not hesitate to dust also the straps and stirrups.

Wait about 10 minutes

This gesture must be repeated regularly: at least once a week, if you go out daily with your horse. Dirt such as dust or mud accumulates quickly. They end up attacking the leather, and your riding upholstery will look grey.

Second step is hydration

When the equestrian equipment is finally dry and clean, it is necessary to apply a cream or moisturizing milk. Yes, like on your skin! Except that it is better to use products dedicated to leather of course.

By wearing a soft cloth after each use, you will keep a comfortable seat, shiny and with flawless leather.

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