Which horse riding equipment you will find at our center ?

You will find in our center stool large saddlers. almost new saddles and used saddles. But all come from the workshops of the largest saddlers currently active: Devoucoux, Antares, Butet, Childeric, CWD, Hervé Godignon, Belloir, Delgrange.

Antares saddles

Antares Sellier was born in March 2000 from the meeting of five professionals of the horse world who decide to join forces to create closer to their personal philosophy products.
Their goal: to create for each rider a unique saddle numbered and fully tailor. One leitmotiv: the art of saddle to enhance comfort and safety of the rider and his horse.

Antares has developed an innovative panel, the DTA 100.Il. Two things make it special. The first is the central seam, which enables a wider panel, landing more flat, improving the comfort of the horse. The second is the addition, in contact with the horse, with a layer of foam called "memory". This foam, derived from a product used in aerospace for the comfort of the pilots in their cockpits, has a consistency that allows it to fit perfectly warm in the curvature of the back of the horse. It finds its usual form cold. It should allow time for the foam to heat before mounting the saddle, walking saddled horse in hand or on the lunge, before getting into the saddle.
If Antares aims to create custom saddles, you can also find good standard antares saddles.

It has been shown that a saddle "standard" good fits to about 75% of horses which it is intended. And a sports saddle fits about 75% of sport horses. The remaining 25% will be allocated a specific seat.

A range of quality accessories

At Equitak you will also find a range of accessories with a refined design. Socks, umbrella , dressage girth , dry bag , saddle cover , saddle pad , cap , hunter girth ... that will match well with your horse riding equipment.

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