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French saddle for jumping ? YES !

French saddle for jumping ? YES !
used french saddlesRiding is both a sport and a passion needed to relax for some. For sports, equestrian facilities are very important. The horse must simultaneously be in good shape and be well accessorized for competitions. The saddle is a key element for the competitor rider. In this matter, the French saddle is deemed to be the perfect saddle. The advantages of the french saddle The saddle of this origin is known for its strength and durability. In addition, quality [...]

Train your horses for dressage competition

For ages people have been training horses for many reasons. We have been seeing herds of horses on tv, in ancient western or war movies. Those horses were trained for war field purposes. Today, most people seem to be training their horses with antares saddles for personal reasons and competition purposes. Dressage competitions are organized in various and different countries. Local and international championships, mostly held by equestrian organizations, put in competition horse [...]
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