French saddle for jumping ? YES !

Riding is both a sport and a passion needed to relax for some. For sports, equestrian facilities are very important. The horse must simultaneously be in good shape and be well accessorized for competitions. The saddle is a key element for the competitor rider. In this matter, the French saddle is deemed to be the perfect saddle.

The advantages of the french saddle

The saddle of this origin is known for its strength and durability. In addition, quality is appreciable. The French saddles are made from valuable leather with finishes either by hand or by machine, but in any case are edifying. Their shape adapts automatically to the shape of the rider (man, woman or child) is what most characterizes the quality saddle. The comfort is and the risk of incident for the horse is almost nil with these accessories there. Also, the fame of the original seat was built in the riding clubs who appreciate mainly for jumping. They are stable, lightweight and comfortable. The best seats are always those made-to-measure and that is also the specialty of the major French brands. Each discipline is considered by professionals in making this accessory. Finally, the french brands have become references and exceptional accessories in the equestrian world.

Bet on the price

For athletes around the world the important thing is the safety and comfort. Being informed of the dangers of poorly formed stools, these professionals do not skimp on the means to achieve the best possible accessories. For new stool major French brands, count in the 4,000 net € and more. However you also have brand stool that you can acquire from 1000 to 2600 €. Less famous brands offer stool to a low price of € 400. Otherwise, it is also possible to acquire used french saddles. These must, necessarily, be in very good condition. You can find them on the websites of French brands of equestrian accessories. Their price is approximately between 550 and 4000 € even if they are used., last news.

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