Train your horses for dressage competition

For ages people have been training horses for many reasons. We have been seeing herds of horses on tv, in ancient western or war movies. Those horses were trained for war field purposes. Today, most people seem to be training their horses with antares saddles for personal reasons and competition purposes.

Dressage competitions are organized in various and different countries. Local and international championships, mostly held by equestrian organizations, put in competition horse breeds and ponies. The dressage tournament is also an opportunity for riders to perform and show their riding skills.

When a competition only takes two or three days to be completed, the training itself last more than few months, before the horse and the rider are ready to compete.

In order to properly train a horse for dressage competition, they are various steps riders need to master. Riders are trained by qualified and experimented equestrian instructors who explain the various steps to know, in order to become experimented. The balance between the horse and the rider is an important notion to understand in this discipline.

Horses are very sensitive animals; they are very attentive to their master’s humor and mood. Impatience and brutal actions for example don’t help the horse to be confident and harmonious. For a horse to go in a sweet and straight trot, someone had once said, the rider must be properly balanced and pay attention to it weight when seated. This is the reason why the first steps in training a horse for dressage usually consist of gradually bringing riders and horses at mutual balance.

Training a horse for dressage competition is surely not the easiest leisure to perform, but it sure is one of the most beautiful activities to do. You get to exercise while learning new skills, and getting to know a new animal friend in a beautiful landscape space., last news.

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